Thursday, January 6, 2011

Guess Who Came to Dinner?

First off, let me apologize for these bad pictures. Yesterday was Cold, Dark and Rainy. Which was how I was feeling since Cade had to start back to school:( It is just a matter of days before Kelsey heads back to college:(

In other news..."Boyfriend" came over to hang out and to eat supper!! We had fun with him and Kelsey! He paid attention to Cade, which was nice since our Joey never pays Cade any attention anymore (but thats another post) Cade spent his time acting like a pesky little brother---spying on them and shooting them with nerf guns! They even took Cade to Karate! Andy did find a reason to get a gun out though:( Some of you know that we live back in the woods, not many other house on the road. Last night around 9 pm, Kelsey walked by the front door and said " Someone just pulled in the driveway" Andy got up and looked and noticed that the light she was seeing was Andy's inside truck light on. Like someone had opened the door. Andy had to get his gun and go out and investigate!! Never found anybody and we have no idea why his light came on! I'm sure "Boyfriend" was either impressed or freaked out!

I also finished putting the borders on my yellow quilt! I need to get it quilted fast..remember I still need to finish up my Halloween quilt too!

I guess I should get busy! Next week, I start back in the library. Sherry plans on coming back in late January! WOO HOO!


Kristie said...

Oh my that Andy is sooooooo funny! That is certainly something that Richard would do! LOL!

Love that bow tie quilt!!! They are so cute!

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Looks like a fun day - love your yellow quilt! Very pretty!

Val said...

Love the quilt!! Looks like "boyfriend" is getting serious!!!!

Winona said...

Libby, I love that yellow quilt. It is so cute. Sounds like we live in the same kind of area. LOL We are out in the boonies. When Kevin investigates anything after dark, the gun always goes with him. Glad your daughter has found a good boyfriend.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Poor boyfriend! I hope he comes back! lol

Your quilt looks good!

Julianne said...

Cute quilt, we used to live way out but after the separation I took the kids and moved to town. I only miss it in the mornings. Now I have to dress to go out into the yard.