Monday, January 31, 2011

Sunday Dinner

Do you have Sunday Dinner at your house? Did you have Sunday dinner at your Grandma's or maybe your Mother-in-laws? After having Cade's friend over here for the weekend and him being so shocked that we actually sit down as a family to eat supper, made me think back to how we shared meals when I was little.

My mother has never been domestic. When we were younger kids she did cook and I can remember eating at the table with my family. As we grew up some she gave up and we ate out or brought home fast food. We ate in front of the tv or in our rooms.

Every Sunday afternoon though, we went to Grandma's for supper. (to us dinner is lunch and supper is the evening meal) Everybody showed up at Grandma's on Sunday. She did all the cooking (later my Dad took over) I don't remember my Mom or Aunt ever bringing a dish. They did clean up though. I have so many good memories of those Sunday meals. We cousin's had the best time on my grandparents farm. I still remember how sad I would feel when we would drive home. I knew my Grandma would miss us (til the next weekend) I knew I would have to go to school on Monday morning. I can still remember the sun setting all red and pink and purple.

After I married Andy, all the Dillard's would go to his parents house after church on Sundays for dinners. My Mother-in-law or Nanny is VERY domestic. She does everything perfectly!!! Believe husband and his brothers and sister had a "leave it to beaver" childhood while mine was more like "Tarzan" Nanny is an excellent cook and I am still in awe that she was able to have a meal ready for our huge crew right after church!! How do people do that??? She still has Sunday Dinner at her house probably once a month.

Anyway...ya'll know that I'm not a great cook but I do enjoy cooking for my family. Usually on Sunday nights we have something quick and easy..maybe sandwichs. I had been looking at this book and decided that last night I would have a good Sunday Supper. I love the idea of keeping it up and maybe one day my family will all show up at my house for Sunday Supper!

Last night, it was only me, Andy and Cade. We had what we call Sticky Chicken. recipe here
pintos and baked rice. We had peanut butter cookies for dessert that I had baked on friday. We had a nice evening. It was 68% here and we ate with the kitchen window open. From my table I could see the sun setting all red and pink and purple!

I would love to keep this up (and take better pictures)

Have a great day! We start the LAST Book Fair tomorrow so I won't be around much til it's over! :(


Anonymous said...

I loved reading about going to Grandma's on Sunday. And your Sunday supper meal looks wonderful. Are you serving the chicken with rice and some kind of beans? I went to the link and copied the recipe - I definitely want to try that. The blog was new to me, so I've added it to my subscription list. Thanks.

Kristie said...

We usually always have a big Sunday dinner, which the way Richard eats, I have to cook a big SUNDAY DINNER, everyday! LOL! Except yesterday I bought KFC because I had been gone all day but HE ended up eating 5 pieces of chicken, potatoes, cole slaw and 4 biscuits! And I wonder why he is sooooo skinny! He is 6' 2" and weighs 175 lbs! He was complaining the other day that he was trying to gain weight and couldn't. I told him to shut up or I would smack him!

MomWaldsPlace said...

I am jealous of your balmy weather, and that was before the storm.

Grandma's pot roast and vintage dishes are some of my fondest memories. Personally, we try to have everybody home, but you never know where in the house we'll be eating.

Val said...

Oh I have those memories too! I am gonna try your recipe. It looks great! I love their cookbooks. Do you know that they have a blog? I love it!

Darling Jill Quilts said...

It's a tradition that has gone by the wayside, but a lot of kids I know would benefit from some quality family time spent like this.

Dinner looked yummy!!!