Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Longest Day

I wanted to share this cake tin that I found at Hobby Lobby yesterday. I just love the colors! I am not known for being a great cook around here. I cook supper most every night and nobody gets sick but I don't get many raves either! I try hard but to be honest one of my kids favorite meal that I make is affectionately known as "slop" I am a pretty good baker though so I will put this cake holder to use! By the way, it was on sale! Even better!

Why the longest day? After putting it off for almost 2 years and a bunch of planning between the adults, Cade got to have a friend from school over to spend the night. I won't go into it but "F' was removed from his parents at the age of 3 (for good reasons) "F" is on medication (for good reason) I have dealt with "F" at the school many, many times. He has a horrid reputation. I have been told that if "F" was to come to Cade's birthday that some other kids would not be allowed because of "F's" behavior. Really, I don't blame the parents. Andy and I decided that this weekend would be the weekend that "F" got to visit. We knew that we had our work cut out for us when he pulled a knife out of his pocket and quickly ran and jumped off our deck! Then he decided it would be fun to keep jumping at the cat and yelling at her to see her scared. Well, she finally went after him like a wild dog!! Believe me, he has stayed away from her since then!!

We sat down to eat supper, that I had cooked (nothing fancy-pork chops, roasted potatoes, salad and rolls) said the blessing and ate we do every other night. Well, "F" said "Do ya'll eat like this all the time? " Cade just stared at him. I said "Yes, every night" and he said " This is great! This is the bomb, I love this" That made me feel so bad for him. It made me think of the things that I did wtih Cade when he was 3. We went for walks, we did crafts, we baked every friday, he was tucked in every night and met with hugs and kisses every morning. Not for 1 day has my boy ever thought that he wasnt loved and wanted by us. What a difference it makes!

So, yes, I will be glad when "F" goes home but I will have him over again!


Anonymous said...

Love the cake tin - it looks like those vintage ones from the 1930s.

I was touched by the story of "F". You may never know what effect you and your family life might have on him.

Mary said...

how wonderful of you to take this on...every child deserves to feel loved. You did a wonderful thing for this boy.

Kristie said...

Hunter had a sleepover this weekend too. One of those boys are sorta like your "F" This one is actually the son of a distant relavtive of mine (you know the part of the family that you don't really associate with) Anyway, this one is in Hunter's class and of course with only 8 or 9 boys in there, they are all friends. Even though I really have to watch him close when he is here, I just try to think of it as "one less day that he is with his mother" His parents were never married but his father is in prison for killing a toddler! It is just a horrible situation. And like your "F" this one is fasinated with our FOOD. It just breaks my heart. It is so sad that so many kids are living in homes like this. I just hope and pray that some how Hunter or us can have a positive impact on him.

Val said...

I love your cake plate!!! I will have to check that out!! I admire you for trying with "F". You just never know what impact you might make on his life. Of course you have to be in protection mode too. Raising children is such a blessing and there are so many that don't realize it.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

I'm sure that you made a difference in this boy's life. He may end up adopting you as his family! :)