Monday, April 25, 2011


ok. This is the second time that I have tried to post. Blogger keeps eating my pics! I wanted to show a few of our Easter pics. We had a very nice Easter. We all went to church and enjoyed a great service. I teach 4th and 5th grade Sunday School. It is so heart warming to see those kids openly praising God. After church we all go to Andy's Mom's house for Easter lunch. We eat too much, talk and laugh! The Easter Bunny brings everyone something! Nanny also does an Easter Egg Hunt, my Cade at 11 said that he was too old this year and would not hunt eggs:(

Kelsey was home and that's always a good thing!

I don't know why Andy can't smile in a picture! It was very very hot in the house so I will excuse him! Kelsey is Daddy's girl! She knows how to play it up good! I think they went shopping everyday that she was home!

Our older boy Joey spent Easter with his girlfriend's family. We did have a guest of honor! Sweet Sydney! This is the baby that was born in October to Andy's baby brother and wife. Brad and Krista. They live in Rome Georgia so after Brad was done with his preaching, they drove down for lunch! We all love that baby so much!! We fought over her! Here are some pics of her "talking" to some of the younger boys.

She never fussed! She had just ate in this pictures and was so happy!

Next year she will be chasing these boys around the yard!

I hope you all had a great Easter!


Judi said...

Hi Libby *hugs*
I'm glad you had such a nice Easter with your family. The pictures are lovely...and that little baby is adorable.

hmmmmm...well too bad your son didn't want to gather Easter eggs. My youngest never has given up that fun. He loves scavenger hunts still.

I'm glad it was such a good family time.

Kristie said...

Looks like you have a nice Easter! You have a very beautiful family. We enjoyed a wonderful day at Church and dinner with family too, but I was very tired by the time we got home.

Anonymous said...

You have such a beautiful family. And little Sydney is just too precious.

Val said...

Your family is beautiful. Those baby pics are so gorgeous. I am glad you had a good Easter. We spent Easter at my Mom's after church! It was a beautiful day.