Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring Break

Saturday morning Andy and I got up really early to go to Kelsey's college. We went to her sorority banquet. I feel like a loser Mom cause I know nothing about her sorority. Well, I do know that the mascot is a squirrel, they wear lots of formal dresses and they all seemed very sweet. I think they are Delta Gams. Here is Kelsey and her "big sis"
This is a shot of Kelsey and the Delta Gam House. She will be living here next year. That sounds like something out of Animal House. It is beautiful inside, I didnt want to seem like a creeper though so I didnt take any inside pics.

We also took her took a very cute cupcake bakery in town. It is called Hello Cupcake. Very yummy! Someone (Andy) stole the banana chip off the cupcake in the front!

We had a very nice visit. I think she will be home at Easter then she will be home for the summer!

Today is the first day of Spring Break so I'm off to enjoy the day!


Darling Jill Quilts said...

Looks like she is having a great time at school! Did you get to see the Boyfriend? And those cupcakes look yummy!

Val said...

How fun? Is the boyfriend still in the picture? Those cupcakes are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing your visit with your daughter - I had fun, too.

Kristie said...

Glad you had a nice time. She is soooooo pretty. I know you are very proud of her.