Sunday, April 10, 2011

Walking To The Pond

The other day Kristie (Cowgirl Quilter) showed some pictures off her walk around her farm. I thought it was fun to see where she lives so I thought (copied) I would take some pictures the next time I went for a walk. Saturday was very pretty so when I finished up a row of handquilting I decided to grab my camera and go for a walk. I couldnt talk Cade or Andy into going with me but that was o.k. I ended up with 2 very good companions. This first picture is of our dog Brick. Don't let his cuteness fool you. Brick is 15 years old and has been run over twice. Once by my Mother and once by my Sister. Poor Brick. He has had a good life. He loves being outside and he loves our other dog Wendy. This is Wendy. She was my sister's dog, when my sister had to move out of state we adopted her. We love her so much! She is the sweetest dog ever!! She has only been hit by a car once. Anybody want to pay our Vet. bills??
My walk starts by crossing the road to my parents house. The house I grew up in. Don't worry, I make sure the dogs cross with me. Behind my parents house is the land that has been in my grandmothers family for years. It has been used as pastures and gardens. We use the old tractor paths for four-wheelers and hiking. This is one of the paths. You can walk all the way to my Grandmothers farm on this trail. I have walked it many, many times. I wish I could describe the smell to you. It smells like my childhood. The wet ground, leaves, ferns, trees blooming all take me back to being a kid playing in these paths with my brother, sister and cousins. I remember camping out here. My Mom named our campsite "Camp Cow Pile"
Here is a picture of some of the damage that the beavers have done. I don't rember beavers being here when I was young but they are here now. They have taken tons of trees down.

In this last picture I am standing at the edge of the woods fixing follow the path into the "gardens" There is nothing planted in this field now. This path takes me around the pond and right behind my Grandmother's barn.
Blogger would only let me load 5 pictures so I will continue my walk with you tomorrow!


Kristie said...

Oh, I love it!! So nice and relaxing! I think it is fun to take a walk around where others live. Can't wait to see more.

Val said...

Oh I would love this walk. Looks so peaceful. Sounds like there are a lot of memories. Love your dogs! We don't have any right now but we have a neighbors dog that thinks he is mine. He always knows when I cook and sits on my deck until I throw out the scraps!!!

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful place and I love the dogs.

I'll be looking forward to continuing the walk with you.

Darling Jill Quilts said...

Gorgeous!! Love the dogs! Damn beavers. >:-(