Monday, May 2, 2011

Busy Doing Nothing

I have not done any sewing lately. That makes me sad cause I am almost finished with the baby quit and would really like to get it done and marked off my list. I feel like I have been busy doing nothing since Easter. I have been busy but not really anything to show for it. Ever have one of those weeks? Plus, Andy is home most of the week so I am afraid that I will continue getting nothing done.

I have worked at the school, continued the Bible Study and made a meal for a friend that has breast cancer. Tomorrow it is my day to take breakfast to Bible Study. I have made Martha Stewart's Banana Bread before and that is what I am taking. It is very very yummy! I will also take a fruit salad. It sure makes me nervous to take food to something like this. I'm always afraid someone will get sick or spit it out! I'm wondering why I signed up!

We will also be busy moving Kelsey back home for the summer. That is a good thing:)

I wanted to share 2 more pictures with you. I live right across the street from my parents. I was raised in that house. When my sister and I married we were given land as wedding gifts. My sisters house is right beside mine. That is until they had to move to Alabama. Our kids grew up together just like my sister and I did with our cousins who lived right up the road from us!

In this first picture I am standing on the edge of my Mom's yard looking across at my house.

In this second picture, I just turned to look up the road. You can see my Mom's mailbox and my sisters (used to be) mailbox across the street. My sister's and my house are connected in the back by a big pasture. We have a track back there for walking and riding go-carts and 4 wheelers. It was nice watching the kids go back and forth to play and swim (my parents have a pool) I miss my sister living beside me so much!


Kristie said...

Good news that Kelsey will be home for the summer!!! I'm sure that makes you very happy! What is she majoring in???

You live in a very lovely place! I love the woods! Something about them is just so relaxing and peaceful. Don't feel bad, I haven't been sewing either. I would like to but even when I have a few extra minutes, I really can't get in the mood to do anything.

Anonymous said...

You live in such a beautiful area. I'm sure your sister misses you just as much as you miss her. It's fun to have family close by.

Kim said...

Lovely pictures - what a wonderful wedding gift!

Judi said...

Hi Libby *hugs*
I love your lucky you were to be given land like that. Wow. It must have been very nice to have your sister so close and all 3 of you. My brother lives right across the country in British Columbia so although we never lived that close I know what you mean.

You have so much lovely land...and now its spring and you can enjoy it.

I get in a "slump" I call it when I don't get much done especially my beloved craft stuff and it bothers me but there isn't anything I seem to be able to do about it. I'm sure you'll get back into it. You are in a bit of a different pattern too with Andy home.

Enjoy the banana bread and fruit! Thats so nice and everyone will love it I'm sure.