Wednesday, October 19, 2011


You may not be able to tell from this picture but down here in Georgia, we are having a cold wet raw day. I don't mind these kind of days. They are wonderful for "sewing days" not such a great day for my firefighter husband to be out in though! The rain cause wrecks so he will probably be busy.Myself, I am fighting a cold so I think I will stay right here and do some applique!

Hope you enjoy your day, whether it's saving lives or just doing some sewing:)


Kristie said...

I certainly hope that you start feeling better. Nobody likes having a cold this time of year. Take it easy and get plenty of rest today. I hope Andy has a good and safe day.

The photo of the trees is just beautiful. We are getting tons of rain here today too and the temps have dropped. I guess the samething that you are getting.

Kim said...

Libby - I hope you are feeling better soon! That is a beautiful tree picture and your quilt looks so cozy. Stay warm - we are having cool weather - its been sunny but rain is on the way to us too.

Anonymous said...

That couch and quilt look like the perfect cure for a rainy, raw day.