Sunday, November 15, 2009


Not much going on here. Down here in Newnan, Georgia we have had beautiful weather the past few days. Up to 74 today. Only in the 40's at night! The sky has been bright blue! We may get a cold rain in by Wednesday, but today I opened the windows! I love Fall!

I rushed home after church to finishing washing my daughters clothes so that she could get back to college! We brought home my 6 yo nephew so he and Cade played outside for a long time. Cade fell asleep on the couch after Stewart left!

I got out my 9 patch blocks and put them up on the wall (a flannel backed table cloth) and worked on placement. I made most of these during CrazyMom Quilts quilt-along. I made one everyday until I had to stop and make graduation quilts. This 9 patch quilt will have white sashing and a pieced border. I still need to make a few more. I didnt have room for all of them on the wall. This quilt will probably go to my little niece. My sister has always lived right beside me but her husband was laidoff from his job over 2 years ago. He found one in Alabama, so they have to move. Sad, but we are all happy that he found a new, good job. All of our land has been in my Grandmothers family for many years so we are really sad that they have to sell!! My niece is 7 and doesnt understand any of this. She has such a happy spirit, I hate to see her said! Anyway, I have made her a few little jumpers and a purse but never a quilt!

Monday, I have my running around to do and Cade has karate. I hope to finish up my 9 patches.

Have a great day! and Thanks sooo much for reading and for your comments! Libby


Darlene said...

Hi Libby,

I LOVE your quilt that you are making. I do have quilt love anyway. I have several, but definitely don't know how to make them! You are quite talented!

Sad that your sister has to move, but wonderful that her hubby found a new job. We haven't live near family in many, MANY years and it gets hard sometime.

Any TIME our weather is cool enough for our windows to be open, they are! Today though with our temperature drop it will be too cold because the wind is blowing....BRRRR

Have a great Monday!

Kristie said...

Wow! They look very nice! I'm sure she will love the quilt. My mom and sister live on the property that connects with mine. I can't see their home but at least I know they are nearby. I would miss them terribly if they had to move.