Tuesday, November 24, 2009

New Quilt

o.k. First I need to say that these blocks have not been arranged in any way! I have just been making them and placing them on the wall. I don't think that I will leave that brown polka dot right in the middle!

This is the best picture that I could get of my new quilt. I saw this quilt on a tutorial on SewMamaSew. Elizabeth made it for her Fabric Focus. I loved it the moment I saw it and knew that I wanted to make one like it. I like the big blocks, Sawtooth Stars. They are 12 in. Elizabeth put a 4 patch inside her stars. I liked that and I also put in some Stars within the Stars. I love the fact that this fabric along with the white background can be used to produce a blended quilt. A blended quilt is a style that was popular in the 1700's and early 1800's. A blended quilt is made when you use fabrics to merge into one another. You don't use as many contrast fabrics like you would in a "regular" quilt. The design kind of fades into the block and sometimes you have to look for the block. Anyway, I am certainly not an expert on this style of quilt making. I learned about it whle working at the quilt shop. We had a line of fabric that was perfect for a blended quilt and the owner of the shop wanted a blended quilt to hang in the shop. We also had several Blended Quilt books, most by Marsha McCloskey and Sharon E. Yenter. I made a blended quilt for the shop. I loved making it and always wanted to do another. The quilt that I made was'nt blended as much as some of the quilts are, but I did manage to show how the fabrics can work when blended. Truthfully, I'm sure that neither of my quilts are true blended quilts but I did work to blend some of the fabrics. On the newer quilt, the white background offers alot of contrast so most of the blocks don't blend into the background.

I used House by Annette Tatum for my new quilt. Thanks for the tutorial Elizabeth!

For my quilt shop quilt I used Dominique by Moda. The pattern is Tag Sale by Miss Rosie. It is hand quilted and I LOVE it! It stays on my bed!

My girl is home. I think that she needs to do some running around in the morning. The rest of the day will be spent doing her laundry, some cooking for the dishes that I will take to my Mother-in-laws and I hope some sewing! I hope that everyone enjoys getting ready for the BIG feast! Thanks for reading! Libby


Kristie said...

Oh my! Both of the quilts are true beauties! Love the fabrics that you have chose. It is always an inspirations to see other peoples work.

Have a wonderful holiday!

Darlene said...

Morning Libby,

Both of those quilts are FABULOUS!!! I keep saying you are so TALENTED!!

Hope you have a wonderful day. We are going to start prepping everyting for the big day tomorrow. Making bread/cornbread crumbs, slicing and dicing things and putting some of our casseroles together to bake tomorrow. Hope you and your family have a wonderful Thanksgiving.♥