Sunday, November 22, 2009

Thankul for:

I am so thankful this time of year! I know that we are all thankful throughout the year but I guess when this time of the year rolls around we really start to count our blessings!Cade is out of school this week and Kels. is coming home tuesday night! It will be nice to have everyone here! I know that my girl was home last weekend but I'm still getting used to not seeing her everyday. I like for my kids to be home, especially at night!! I have never been more thankful for technology, I can text her, talk to her on facebook, email! That makes it alot easier on this Mother Hen!
Our Sunday was my favorite kind of day! Cold rainy and windy. Andy was at the fire dept. so the boys and I went to the early church service, grabbed some McDonalds and got ourselves back home! I put my pjs on and went right to sewing (and laundry,dishes,picking up) I sewed most of the day. Cade wanted to go to a friends house but I put him on restriction. I happened to walk by his Sunday School class just in time to see him up, running across the table!! His teacher (a sweet college girl) looked stunned!! I was embarrassed but not surprised!! That kid is always into something! Other than that it was a nice relaxing day!
Today I need to get my grocery shopping done. Hopefully early. Andy's sister drove in from Florida last night and will be staying at Andy's mom's house. That is where we have our Thanksgiving. I know that Cade is going to want us to go get his cousin for him to play with, That havent been together since last summer.
Everbody have a great Monday! Thanks for reading! Libby

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Darlene said...

I am cracking up that Cade got caught in his antics in Sunday school

Lexi has school today and tomorrow and then she is out for Thanksgiving break. My Mom and Dad came into town Friday night for the week and we went and bought our groceries for our BIG Thanksgiving dinner last night. I am so ready to cook it and get to eating!!!

We are really fogged in today and it feels quite cold. Our high though is supposed to reach 68 so we will see. It is supposed to be in the 50's the next few days.♥