Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Here I go..

Last night while washing my dishes, by hand (I dont have a dishwasher) I was thinking about all the great blogs that I love to read. Anything to keep me from drowning myself in the dishwater!! I decided that it was time for me to start my own blog. Will anyone read it besides me? Who knows? and since I am a computer idiot, I'm going to get my computer smart daughter to help me set it up!


Kristie said...

I found you!!! Glad you started a blog! Don't feel bad, I have to hand wash my dishes too. :(

Michelle said...

Welcome to blogland, Libby! I hope you enjoy it, and just in case you didnt' know, Kristie is a sweetie!
be blessed,

Cindy said...

So weird. I was browsing comments on Anna Maria Horner's blog and clicked on your name, just to see if it was my friend who has a blog called Libby's World Design (
I see that you are not, but decided to skim anyway.
so, yes, someone else is reading your blog!

(and it is so weird that you are from Newnan. The Vintage Flea is my favorite store--I live in Acworth and stop in Newnan frequently!)