Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good For The Soul....

I guess it is confession time! I am feeling a little guilty that I want to start a new quilt!! I knew that alot of people can work on more that 1 project at a time and I think that is good. I think every quilter starts out thinking "I will not start another quilt until I finish this one" Well, that is how I am. I have only been quilting since 2004. I am a hand-quilter so it does take me a little longer than most to finish a quilt. But, so far, I have finished every quilt that I have started! I do have a few tops from where I worked at a quilt shop. We made samples to hang in the shop and unless I was just totally in love with mine, I didnt quilt it. I did qilt a couple for the shop but I think that I have 3 that are still just tops.

My problem is that I have finished up my 9 patches, I'm all ready to sash them. When I started this quilt I just did a block a day, using scraps. I had no plans for this quilt until I noticed that it was turning out girly and I found out that my sister and her family were moving. I decided then that I could give it to my niece. I started using some of the scraps from items that I had made for her. I still want to give it to her but...I want to make another quilt, why do I feel bad about this???? Is it because I usually finish 1 before I start the other or because the one quilt is for a little girl who has to move?? (they are moving around the first week of Dec. so I was going to have to give it to her after the move)
Finally, here is an old picture of Ruby. This is one of my favorite pictures of her, it shows her "true, sweet nature!!!"
Have a great day! Thanks for reading, Libby


Darlene said...

Morning Libby,

I think that AFTER the move would be better for sending the quilt for the reason of - let them get moved and settled in. Several months down the road, maybe in April or May send the finished quilt and your niece will know you have been thinking about her and she will get a present in the mail. She would then have a gift "from home". Whatever you end up doing will be just fine and you can't worry about it. Hope you have a great Thursday. I'm going to send you an e-mail to show you my bracelet.

Darlene said...

Oh, and I forgot to say. Ruby is so beautiful. I'm a cat lover anyway but she is PRETTY!

Michelle said...

I say start the new quilt and quit feeling guilty. If you start the new project, then you might be more excited to finish the first one.
be blessed,