Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Thankful for Firefighters

Poor Andy! What a crazy day at the Fire Dept.! He doesnt always tell me about the calls that he goes on at work but he did share 2 with me that made me laugh!

The first funny thing was when they went on a call where trees had fallen on power lines and knocked out a bunch of power poles and alot of people's electricity. A news truck showed up and wanted some pictures and to interview my husband (he was the Captain in charge) he didnt want to but did a long 15 minute interview. Back at the firehouse everyone was kidding him about the interview and they all gathered to watch the news. The news showed about 3 seconds of my husband and the firemen then they spent about 8 minutes on a follow up story with a citizen who was complaining about not having any power 'cause he "can't even boil me a hot dog"

The second call that Andy told me about was the Rescue truck got a call to a retirement community. An older man was having trouble breathing and the Doctors wanted him to go to the hospital. He refused and pitched a fit, demanding to see someone in charge. My husband was called to the scene. The Doctor said that he wanted the man restrained and sent to the hospital. Andy tried to talk to the man and checked his signs (he is a paramedic) and told him that he really should go to the hospital. Well, the man got SO mad! He told Andy "I am a Christian and if you say another word, I hope that Jesus strikes you dead! Well! How is that for a "Thank You"? He also wanted the police to come and "escort Andy out of his apartment" He had a crazy day!


Michelle said...

Andy needs to write a book about his experiences!

I think this man got his christianity methods messed up...what do you think?

be blessed and have a wonderful day,

Kristie said...

Poor Andy!!