Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Windy Wednesday

We are still getting rain this morning and alot of windy. Leftovers from a tropical storm. I did not stop raining at all yesterday. I love cool rainy days when I can stay home and sew, not so much when I have to get out in it!

My husband will be home today. He is a Captain at a Fire Dept. and was very busy yesterday with trees falling on power lines. He even made the local news but I missed it because I had to do the school fund raiser. I don't get much done around here when he is home but it is nice having him here! I can usually talk him into going and getting Cade from school!

The trees on our road had just turned and were SO pretty, all this rain and wind have knocked the leaves off so we really got a short "leaf" season! I love Fall!

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Kristie said...

Oh, I can't get anything done when Richard is home either. I love having him here but I might as well forget getting anything done that I need to.